Posted by: janpierce | August 19, 2013

Poised for Action

I met Grace Jogul at a training site near Hyderabad four years ago. She lived at the training center for six months and I arrived during the last few weeks of her training. Grace is a retired banker and is experienced in working with women’s groups to help them learn about saving and investing money. She also makes micro loans available to those who have a business plan.

In India the smallest project can change a life. Women who learn to make something marketable can feed their families and send their children to school. Grace is always on the lookout for a new project and candle-making is one that works nicely. She recently sponsored four different sessions teaching groups of women to make candles in simple metal molds and also to make laundry detergent and phenol which is a kind of cleaning solution. These seminars are as valuable as gold to the women fortunate enough to attend.

Grace is always poised for action in working for the good of her people. She regularly teaches sewing classes, does children’s outreaches in remote villages, and meets with groups of women to better their lives. She is Jesus in action and just waits for resources to do the next project. I often pray that I’ll be as poised for action as Grace.


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