Posted by: janpierce | October 11, 2013

Baby 14 A and Baby 14 B


Several months back Russal and Kumari Raj saved their thirteenth baby girl and named her Zinnia. Many of you know of this ministry in Chennai called the Girl Baby Home. Russal and Kumari love God and they know that the evil practice of killing baby girls needs to end. Russal regularly visits villages where these atrocities take place and teaches the people that killing girls is wrong. He teaches the value of each human life and that the beliefs about girls bringing curses on their families are not true. But then, Russal acts on his beliefs. He and Kumari take these baby girls and make them part of their family.

Just after Zinnia joined the family Russal got another call saying a baby girl was to be born and to come. The family was willing to talk about giving her up rather than killing her. Russal traveled as quickly as he could to the village, but when he got there it was too late. The baby had already been killed. Traditions are difficult to change. Local Hindu priests, extended family members and neighbors all believe the same thing: baby girls are nothing but trouble. They cost the family a great deal of money when they marry and they are not pleasing to the gods. They are of no value and killing them is just fine. Baby 14 A died.

Soon after that trip, Russal got another call and brought home little Jenita. She is baby 14 B and she will live. She will be loved and held and treasured. She will be taught to know God who loves her and values her.She will wear pretty dresses and have birthday cakes when her birthday rolls around. She has a family and will grow up knowing she is loved. Don’t ask me why one baby was rescued and another wasn’t. I don’t know. I only know that the work Russal and Kumari are doing is so very precious to the Lord.

Roger will visit the Girl Baby Home in a few months. He will get to see these little ones face to face. Russal’s dream is to rescue hundreds of baby girls and house them in a loving community. Take a look at his family at or visit the Girl Baby Home on Facebook. Welcome to a good life, Baby Jenita.


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