Posted by: janpierce | November 3, 2013

The Girl Baby Home in Chennai

The Girl Baby Home in Chennai

Russal’s Awareness Program in an Indian Village

Russal and Kumari have taken in fourteen little girls and have made
them family. But in addition, Russal travels to remote villages and
teaches the people the value of human life and tells them about God
who made each of them and loves each of them. In time the people will
learn to treasure their little baby girls instead of killing them.

Roger and our friend, Bill Davis are heading to the Girl Baby Home
right now. They’ll go from Bangalore to Chennai by train and then
stay with Russal and Kumari. He’s taking lots of hugs to share with
the little girls.



  1. What they’re doing is amazing. Prayers are with Roger and Bill as they head over to Chennai.

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