Posted by: janpierce | March 21, 2014

Uma sampath and children

We met Uma when she was a young teenager living at the orphanage near Jangaon. This is the orphanage we stayed at many times along with many of our friends. Uma grew up there from the age of five and was trained to be a leader among the girls. She learned to lead worship, oversee the younger girls, run the equipment for services and train other girls to dance. When she was old enough, she spent four months in a Youth with a Mission discipleship training class. There she met her future husband, Sampath. Sampath became a pastor and the two married.

Teams India has been supporting Uma and Sampath since they were married. They now have two sons and plant house churches in the Peddipalli area of Andhra Pradesh. They live in Sampath’s mother’s home which is made of some sort of soft cement, nearly like mud. The rains this year have caused serious cracking in the home’s structure. It’s in danger of collapsing. Uma has been trained in English and is working on a formal education degree. She works in the local school as an assistant teacher. She and Sampath oversee six house churches in various villages and also have five public places of prayer where people gather to hear the Word and to worship.

In the course of their work in the villages Uma has gathered fourteen young people who now live with them. Some are orphans, others just come from families who can’t afford to care for them and feed them. It’s Uma’s life dream to have her own orphanage where she can care for those who are unloved and desperate like she was as a child. Uma and Sampath call their ministry Care and Concern and local diplomats visit them to have their pictures taken and encourage them to give aid to the local people. They often distribute food at the hospital or give school supplies and clothing to the poor. They also conduct medical clinics for the local people.

Now Uma and Sampath need a miracle. They need a new building. The good news is they own land near to their present home. Land is extremely expensive in India, but they have a plot just waiting for a new building. The bad news is that even though building materials are of very poor quality in the area, they are still very expensive. The building plans they’ve had drawn up would require over $20,000 just for a building of one floor, large enough to house twenty people.

Sometimes Roger and I don’t know anything to do but pray for the needs of the people. The needs are far beyond anything we can do. Still we know God has resources and lately we’ve been led to begin prayer meetings in support of all the work in India. Who will help Uma’s dream come true? Who will rescue this little extended family of twenty before their ceilings cave in? Who has resources they would like to give to a cause few of us experience in America? Will you pray with us? Spread the word?

You’re invited to join us for a prayer meeting aimed at meeting the great needs of the people of India.

Tuesday, April 15th, 7:00 p.m.
10101 NE 14th Circle
Vancouver, WA


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