Posted by: janpierce | April 24, 2014

It’s Summer Vacation Time in India


April and May are summer vacation in India. These are the hottest times of the year. The new school year begins in June. Government schools in India are free, but even poor families try to save money to enroll their children in better schools. Many women join saving clubs to help them with the tuition, uniforms, books and materials required for children to attend a better school. The cost of a reasonable education for the poor is about $300 per year.

Here are two ways you can help a poor child attend school next year. You might want to help Russal and Kumari Raj put their ten oldest girls in school for the coming year. Russal and Kumari run the Girl Baby Home ( have rescued fourteen girls from death and are raising them as their own. Ten of the girls are old enough for school. Go to their website to see how you can donate.

Or, you can give through Teams India on this website. Designate your money for education and we’ll see that it goes to an Indian ministry helping children to attend decent schools. In America we take a free education for granted. In India it is a great privilege to go to a good school with good teachers. Even the poor are willing to pay out of their small incomes to give their children this chance to learn and improve their lives. Make your day–provide a chance for a poor child to attend school.


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