Posted by: janpierce | October 21, 2014

Teams India Travel, 2014

07- Delhi 056b  Roger arrived in Delhi Saturday afternoon after a trip that took him from Portland, to Seattle, to Inchon, South Korea and on to Delhi. He had only slept for three hours when I first talked to him, but he was pumped up on adrenalin as he’s going to speak to over 800 leaders who are gathered for a five day training.

He’d been studying before he left, and reports that the three messages he will give came together then. They’re exactly what Rodrick wants him to preach on, so the Holy Spirit has gone ahead of him. Today he reported he’d slept for ten hours and was feeling more alive.

On a sad note there has been drought all over Andhra Pradesh, the state Roger will travel to later in the trip. Over two hundred farmers have committed suicide because their crops have failed. While it seems impossible to us, this is a very common occurrence in India. Farmers go into debt to buy seed, pesticides and other things they need to plant their fields. Since most of them don’t have bank accounts, they use private loans taken from local loan sharks. They are extremely immoral people who prey on their friends and neighbors. They charge very high rates of interest to the point that even with a good crop the farmer may not be able to pay it back. If the crop fails as they are this year the men become despondent and drink pesticides to kill themselves. The government is trying to approve a plan in which most people would have access to bank accounts and could take out proper loans with reasonable rates of interest. We pray that happens soon.

When I close my eyes I can pretend I’m on the rooftop of Rodrick and Neetu’s training center. There is a view across miles of Delhi that is quite breathtaking. Roger will be drinking fragrant cups of chai and eating all sorts of great Indian food. I have to admit I’m jealous.

Please continue to pray for health and safety and wonderful times with the people God has brought into our lives.



  1. He is in his element. He loves The Lord and the people of India. God will bless this journey.

  2. I’ll never forget that view either! It’s so awesome when we are privileged to witness the working of the Holy Spirit! God is good!

  3. Thanks, Sharon. You’re right– nothing energizes him as much as being able to share from his heart.

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