Posted by: janpierce | October 22, 2014

The Harvest

IMG_1876   If you want to experience life in the big cities of India, go back to my post in Letters from India, 2009 entitled Up on the Rooftop. The rooftops of the homes are my favorite places. Inside Indian buildings it’s usually dim–lightbulbs are energy-saving and there aren’t many windows. But on the rooftops you’re in natural lighting and you can see so much. You can sit and sip tea and watch the daily life of the people unfold before you. I often feel as if I’m intruding, but no one is hiding. I’ve watched bathing, hair washing and braiding, food preparation, and once a major brawl between two young girls–made me think of professional wrestling except this was for real and rather unsettling.

Roger reports there are now about 1200 guests for the gathering, including Christian leaders and local secular leaders. He is speaking each evening and is being courted by local officials who want to have their picture taken with him, want to take him to dinner and show him the city’s “best whiskey.” The meetings are finished tomorrow and then I’m sure he’ll take advantage of some more times of rest. The jet lag comes and goes.

I mentioned the poor harvest this year in A.P. and the ensuing suicides of farmers caught in so much debt they can never be free. It’s an annual problem, but is always worse in times of drought. Thought I’d share a video (look on Facebook) Roger got last year of the people threshing rice from the stalks. Sometimes they have machinery to help, sometimes oxen tread on it. Sometimes the people place the stalks on the road and let cars do the work and other times women do it the old-fashioned say. Such a basic form of work–gathering in the crop to earn daily wages.

Please continue to pray for health and safety and that Roger will get enough rest in that heady environment.


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