Posted by: janpierce | November 14, 2014

All Over India

DSCN0613  Roger has been all over India from top to bottom. He began in Delhi where he spent about ten days in meetings with a local ministry. Then he went to Hyderabad where he met Chad Oathout. He and Chad met with several of our friends in the Hyderabad area and also visited Dayanilayam orphanage two hours away. Chad was able to meet a young man he and his wife Jill sponsored from the time he was about ten years of age. He is now a high school student and doing well. Then they went north by car to visit a pastor and his wife, visited two students who are daughters of one of our pastor friends and then took a train to Chennai to visit the Baby Girl Home. Now they’re in A.P. with friends. This picture is the living area of the home where  church services are conducted. If you look closely you’ll see a picture of Roger and I on their shelf. Roger and Chad will go to Bangalore to visit my daughter in law’s parents and then home. Roger flies home from Delhi, Chad from Bangalore. They will have lots of stories to tell.

It’s always exciting to get updated news from the people we support through Teams India. Children grow up and begin to minister with their parents, new house churches form, land is purchased and new homes constructed. The intensity and dedication of the believers comes through loud and clear. Even little children take part in worship with abandon. I can’t wait to get the reports when Roger gets home in about a week.

Look for a video on facebook showing a meeting taking place in one of the pastor’s homes last year.


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