Posted by: janpierce | November 25, 2014


Roger, Leo and Holly Michael, hospital, Bangalore    I was going to title this Divine Appointments or Blessed Encounter and then I decided I need to curb my tendency to speak in Christianese. It may be understood and appreciated by some, but not all. So I just called it Surprises.

During Roger’s five week trip to India I saw that a writing friend, one I’ve never met but follow because she and her husband work in India, had a health crisis. While traveling on a twelve hour bus ride, Holly’s husband, Bishop Leo Michael came down with Dengue fever. Dengue fever is serious and is contracted through mosquito bites. By the time a very worried Holly got Leo to the hospital in Bangalore he was near death. He had a high fever and was severely dehydrated.

Imagine how Holly felt. Her husband was too sick too respond, she was a stranger, unfamiliar with the land they were traveling through and unsure what to do. Roger happened to be in Bangalore at the same time the Michaels arrived there and Leo was admitted to ICU. Holly spent the first night in the hospital not allowed to visit and knowing her husband was near death. By the second day he was stablilized. Roger was able to visit on the third or fourth day when Leo’s blood count was improving and they knew he would get well.

I wish Roger had been there to be with Holly on that first night, but when he and Chad visited, Roger was overcome with emotion for this brother and sister (I did it again) whom he’d never met. The entire event surprises me. Why did Roger and Chad’s path cross with these two? It doesn’t really matter why— it was just a great big happy surprise that two men could comfort and pray for a sick man and his very worried wife. I’m so glad it happened.

In the middle of so many dark and disappointing happenings in our crazy world, this one makes me smile.



  1. I,too, know Holly as blogging buddies. I’m glad to hear her husband is going to recover and that God arranged to have comforters there for Holly during a trying time.

  2. Even if it is “Christianese” – I say it was a “God Moment”. Love this story!

  3. Thanks, Diana, I think so too.

  4. God is greater than we can imagine!!!

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