Posted by: janpierce | December 11, 2014

Do No Harm

??????????   This is Jacintha. She’s about seventeen years old and she has a hole in her heart. She is weak and not able to perform simple tasks due to lack of energy. She is one of the fourteen children living with Uma and Sampath. While Roger was in India he was able to arrange for Jacintha to travel to Bangalore to have heart surgery in a top-notch cardiology hospital. We were so excited at the possibility. But when Roger got home and we tried to make the arrangements, we found out that Jacintha’s mother is hesitant to have her daughter travel so far away from home. She elected to have the local hospital do the surgery which has been postponed several times.

When we travel and work in India we want to always do good and never do harm. Would we be willing, in a similar situation, to have a stranger arrange for our precious child to travel somewhere that seems like a million miles away to be treated by an unknown doctor in an unknown hospital? Maybe not.

Jacintha went in earlier this week to have the surgery, but it was found that she had an infection and was placed on antibiotics. All we can do is pray that the local doctor is well-trained and that God guides his hands. Will you pray with us for Jacintha’s healing?



  1. I’ve been wondering what’s happened with Jacintha. Will keep praying.

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