Posted by: janpierce | December 30, 2014

Tough Times

104  Today, all over India there is an outcry against Christianity. Hindu extremists, mostly young men who want to see India a completely Hindu nation, are accusing Christians of all sorts of evil. They say that evangelical Christians are bribing Hindus with food, Bibles, education, etc. to change their faith. They believe that the Western influence will invade their territory and take over their country. They fear losing control of their own land.

In some ways they’re right. The people are needy and will gather to hear a speaker and have a free meal. They will respond if food, medicines and the like are offered to them. But those who truly believe in the Lord are in danger when they gather as this group in the picture shows, to worship and pray.

Teams India work goes forward. Our dollars are changed to rupees and they provide for salaries, tuitions, food supplies, medical care and more. It’s not too late to give an end of the year donation to help the work continue.

Please pray for freedom of religion in India. Pray that the anti-conversion laws are repealed and that the current wave of arrests and attacks are stopped. Pray that the people remain free to believe as they wish. But if the persecution continues, pray for courage and faith to remain steadfast and for the number of believers to increase.


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