Posted by: janpierce | March 18, 2015

Honoring Mike’s Memory


This is a photo from a few years back of the infamous Boys Club. Just take a look at those faces and you’ll see what I mean. These guys meet regularly for breakfast and prayer and to mutually support one another. Right in front you’ll recognize Mike Monson, our good friend who died just two years ago.

It seems like Mike just walked in our door for a cup of coffee and to watch tv with us. We miss his ready smile and wry sense of humor. Mostly we just miss him.

I told Roger yesterday that Mike was a perfect example of the way God can change a person once they “get it.” Once we begin to learn that our life has purpose and that we’re given gifts and abilities to do some good in this sorry world, we see with new eyes. There’s work to be done and fun to be had along the way.

Before Mike died we promised him we’d continue to support the work of Russal and Kumari of the Baby Girl’s Home in South India. That’s the ministry Mike found when searching for someone who cared about the rampant murder of baby girls in India. Russal and Kumari have rescued fourteen beautiful little girls from death at the hands of their own parents. Baby girls are seen as curses– an unwanted expense to the family.

Recently Russal was able to enroll all ten of the older girls in a good school. Up to this point the better schools would not take them because they lack proper birth certificates. The new school costs about $900 per year per child which is triple what they had been paying. Sadly a good education is not free in India.

Let’s honor Mike’s memory by helping to get all ten girls into school this year. They will begin their new school year in April. Let’s invest in life and overturning the godless practice of female infanticide one child at a time. Go to Your donations are tax deductible.



  1. Thank you, Jan, for keeping his legacy alive

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