Posted by: janpierce | June 17, 2015

Bilahi and Grace: Good Work Continues

bilahi, ranu and grace, 2015  In 2009 Roger and I spent three weeks at a training center near the city of Hyderabad. At that time fourteen women were completing six months of training in both evangelism and in working with women in a wide variety of programs. These women were recommended by their pastors as those able and willing to learn.

Since that time Teams India has been able to help two of the fourteen women in very practical ways. Bilahi Daimari, the woman on the left lives in northern India in the state of Assam. She is an itinerant worker, riding her bicycle year round to villages where she teaches and ministers to women and children. She lives a very humble life and has written to thank us for our help. Using the funds she has been able to add a room to her brother’s home, giving her a place to live. Until that time she was not welcome in her brother’s home and suffered a great deal.

The woman in the middle is Ranu, the wife of Bilahi’s pastor. She is a lovely woman with three sons. I remember how sad she was that she had to send her boys away from home to attend school as their home is so remote,

The woman on the right is Grace Jogal, working in Hubli, Karnataka in south India. She continues to do wonderful work with groups of women and children in very poor villages some distance from Hubli. Grace helps women through savings groups to begin small businesses. She also teaches women to sew, to make candles, and to make various kinds of inexpensive cleaning products. She occasionally runs medical clinics and women’s seminars on simple things such as hygiene, purposeful living, parenting and more.

This picture was taken at a reunion at the training center where they’re celebrating thirty years of service. The women have been commissioned to return to their home areas and do research on indigenous groups nearby. The training center then works with them to develop plans to reach the groups with the Good News of Christ.

I’m constantly amazed that Teams is able to be part of such amazing work and that we’ve built a partnership with such wonderful women.

Grace has written an extensive plan with goals for future work and with the financial requirements to build her ministry. If you are interested in seeing her report of the work accomplished in the last year, add a comment and I’ll make that available to you.

Well done, ladies.



  1. Hi Jan, I am interested in Grace’s plan, maybe I can spread the word here in North Carolina and see what might happen. Miss you guys
    Bill Davis

    • Hi Bill,
      I have a recent copy of her written plan along with her goals for the future. I’ll send you a copy. Pray for her now as she is having serious back issues. She’s getting an mri on Monday. She is a great lady.

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