Posted by: janpierce | January 26, 2016

Uma Then and Now

Uma0837   When Roger first met Uma she was a resident in an orphanage outside of Hyderabad. She had lived there since she was five years old. Her mother had been killed by her father, the father disappeared and a local pastor rescued the young girl from her home. He knew the orphanage would care for her.

Over the years Uma grew in her abilities to lead. She taught the younger girls, led worship meetings and acted as an assistant to the directors of the orphanage. She attended a local college for several years and took part in a YWAM training in Puna for four months where she met the man she would marry.


Uma and Sampath were married and moved north to Karimnagar district where they have been planting churches, leading Bible studies and gathering children without homes in a mini-orphanage. They currently have two children of their own and fourteen orphan children living with them.

Uma teaches in a local school, oversees the life of the large “family” and together they distribute food, clothing and medical supplies to local people in need. They oversee six house churches scattered in local villages.

Uma’s heart’s desire has always been to have her own orphanage. Uma and Sampath have a critical need of a new home as the structure they currently live in is literally falling down.

Teams India hopes to help Uma and Sampath continue their ministry and provide them with a new living structure. Let’s help Uma achieve her dream.








  1. Jan, what would it cost to build a house for Uma & Sampath?

    • Hi Marcia, I missed your comment somehow. We’re going to start a campaign soon. We’ll try to raise $20,000 which will build them a home/orphanage for about twenty people.

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