Posted by: janpierce | May 20, 2016

Praise Report

DSCN0674                                                                                                                                                                                      While the children in the U.S. are looking forward to their summer vacation, the kids in India are getting ready to begin a new year of school in June. Actually they switch from their old grade (standard) in April, then take a break during the hot season of the year. In June they continue their school year which goes until the following April.

Right now is the hottest season of the year in India. We heard a report that the temperatures were reaching the mid 120’s yesterday and many, many of the young and old die during this time. We can pray for an early monsoon to cool the temperatures all across the country.

Teams India has supported the education of one of our ministry families for many years. For security reasons we won’t name the family at this time, but they have three children and are from the Banjara (Gypsy) people of India. Many believe the gypsies of India are the original gypsy people who spread all across Asia and Europe.

All three of the children in this family are excellent students. But for low caste or tribal people there aren’t good schools available without paying high fees. We undertook to put the children in mid-level schools and then, when we saw their potential, moved them to state schools.

The eldest daughter just completed her first year of medical school and did very well. She will be one of the first doctors from the Banjara tribe. Families living in their area are beginning to ask how their children have achieved so much and how they can really learn rather than just sitting in rows in their poor government schools. They want to know how to help their children study.

The other two children are beginning the 8th and 10th standards. They excel in their state schools and study long hours each day. They, too, have their sights set on college educations.

Recently we had need of funding for these children and the Lord answered our prayers. We are so grateful to those who responded with financial gifts when the needs were made known. Thank you.

As the eldest daughter said to Roger, “Uncle, you have changed my life.”

Some photos of Banjara People




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