Posted by: janpierce | August 3, 2016

A Simple Gift

Cherial Grad Seawing  4-2016

Cherial Grad 4-2016

Samlitha, Divya, Anusha and Deena

Each year Teams India donates money to purchase new sewing machines for the graduates of Cherial Bible School for Women. These young women have completed four or five years of Bible training and some have made the choice to continue in their Christian education despite the fact it may ruin their chances for marriage.

There are few Christian men available and few willing to wait for their wives to complete a course of serious Bible study. So these young women are taught to sew marketable garments—classes in “stitchery” at the same time they learn to understand and prepare to teach the Bible to local women and children.

This year there were four graduates who received a sewing machine each. The red-haired woman in the photo is Susie Reddy who, along with her husband, Dhanu, oversee the Bible College. Susie’s parents were life-long missionaries to India so Susie has lived there all her life. She and Dhanu also have worked to establish churches and training programs for couples who will be house church planters. They have been instrumental in developing an English speaking component of the Indian Mission School in Peddipalli.

Teams India is proud to take a small part in encouraging the good work of the Gospel in simple projects such as providing these sewing machines. They provide a means for women to begin small businesses to make a living while they serve the Lord. 


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