WELCOME to my blog:  One Handful of Rice  I invite you to join me in an ongoing conversation on how to live a  meaningful and fulfilling life of service.   



  1. Great Web site! I would appreciate captions on the photos. Looking forward to keeping up on your travels in India.

  2. P.S.
    I noticed that the time was incorrect on the report. It is really 6:55 PM on the 19th of Dec. Is the time shown the time in India?

  3. Jan,
    Always the teacher! I am fulfilling my “assignment” to leave you a comment! You will be missed while you and Roger are gone, but I believe that we the women of Grace and Glory feel you are representing us in the most beautiful way! What a giving, caring heart you have! Remember each day that we are all thinking about you and that our prayers can travel thousands of miles!
    Love you bunches,
    Mary and Lori Jones

  4. Nice Blog! Love all the pictures, book reviews, Essays/Articles, etc. and the links too. Wow! You’ve been busy. I look forward to checking this site often to see what you’re up to. We’ll miss you. Merry Christmas!

  5. Hi Jan,
    Praying for a safe and productive trip! Someday, I’ll make the trip to India too.

  6. Hi Jan,
    Wonderul blog!!! I loved seeing all the pxs. Marc met with Bill Caudill last week, he was so touched by the wonderful comments he made about you and Roger and how you both deeply ministered to his family when they lost their daughter. We agree, you two bring God’s presence to so many, especially in times of need. I pray that God will touch many lives during this trip and that you will see a significant impact in the ministry of one handful of rice program, as well as the school program. I love you.

  7. Greetings, its nice to have an idea of what you are up to. I didn’t see any mention of orpanage/teaching activiities but maybe I’m not accessing everything and maybe that is yet to come.

    I continue to pray for your energy and daily direction. All is well here. Much love, Jill

  8. To those who are interested in the teaching so far – it is tough. The kids are only used to rote kinds of work and of course their English is very limited. I need to go very slowly and find that many things that work at home do not work here. Each week I revamp the lessons and some of it is working. Not all by any means. Some days I am exhausted and feel I haven’t accomplished much. But I get time to enjoy the children and show them some hands on educational things. They know about Frog and Toad although they don’t get the stories at all. We have done the Three Little Pigs and they can growl like the Big Bad Wolf! Guess there is some progress.

  9. hi i bumped you off alphainventions so thought id pop in to see what your blog is about..

    Great blog! well done, very interesting. Ive added it to my blog roll so my readers have the chance also to enjoy your posts.

    If you are interested, feel really welcome to visit my blog http://www.mysticmiss.wordpress.com

  10. Hi Jan,
    Have had a heard time getting an email to you- they keep bouncing. Thanks for your comments on my blog. Nice to connect. Look forward to reading your blog. Stay in touch! Kim

  11. Hi Jan, I must be doing something wrong–as usual–because I can’t find any recent postings. I sure miss you and I’m so grateful you’ve recovered from your fall. We continue to pray for you and Roger and all God is doing in and through you both.

    Bless you! Love,

    • Hi Junie,
      When you first look at the site my latest post is showing and then each older one is below. Ask Ang, she reads it sometimes. We’re doing well. It seems that each and every phase of this trip is different than what we had planned, but each phase is good. I think God is teaching us some wisdom and also helping to bring our attitudes and goals closer together. So all is well. Today I did a devotional lesson on Psalm 23 and then later taught on Phil. chapter 1. We are learning to do inductive Bible study. I can’t ask for more eager learners. I also am teaching them to crochet little bags and a larger kind for vegetable shopping. They learned quickly, especially the women from the Northeast, Assam and Manipur. Anyway, our time is flying by. We will leave here several times to visit people, but it will be our headquarters until we come home. It is a remarkable place devoted to training in evangelism and in practical ways of being self-supporting. All the teachings we have heard are pure Gospel and the men and women very sincere in their desire to leave here and serve God. Some have existing ministries already and some will start fresh when they leave. I’ll tell you more when I’m home. Much love, Jan

  12. Merry Christmas Jan to you and your family……….. many blessings on your work there, and looking forward to seeing you in January…………….. pam lagielski

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